Warzone Pro With Over $100,000 Earnings Shares His Best Loadout

Pro gamer Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad revealed his 2021 best Warzone loadoutand we are taking notes.

Konstantina Antoniadou
4 min readMar 21, 2021


We all have our personal preference when it comes to the loadout we pick; however, it makes sense to listen to the suggestions of the highest-earning Warzone pro. It seems like Season 2 of Warzone has brought many unexpected changes, including new FARA 83 and LC10 guns, along with the Shipwreck POI and a handful of zombies that quickly took over the entire area.

With all the latest meta additions, players find themselves striving for Assault Rifles and SMGs which inflict destructive levels of damage on opponents. Aydan is surely one who knows all about the power of his trusted AUG and FFAR. The top Warzone streamer, with $142,455 total game earnings, recently managed to wipe out 150 players, delivering 162 kills in a single game during a 2v2 wager, which lead to him breaking yet another World Record.

As competitive Warzone events continue to occur, we regularly get the chance to witness how the Black Ops Cold War’s AUG has become a winning choice for Warzone pros. Following the radical change of the suppressor nerfs in Warzone, Aydan revealed all about his ideal AUG class.

Even though many players were angry and surprised about the weaker Cold War guns in Warzone Season 2, many of them quickly accepted the fact that the guns might indeed be better after the loss of the Agency Suppressor. As content creator JGOD explained in a recent video, the Agency Suppressor negatively affects your bullet velocity. Luckily Raven Software announced the release of a new settings update, which fixes the GRU, Wrapped, and Agency Suppressors on Black Ops Cold War weapons.

The AUG has become a widely popular option, mainly due to its capability of bursting enemies from medium range. In his video, Aydan proved that “this AUG is now the best AR in Warzone” — seeing as you manage to deliver some headshots, the enemies…