Vault of Glass Raid In Destiny 2 S14 Will Be World's First Race

According to Bungie’s latest announcement, the Vault of Glass raid from Destiny 1 will also be present in Destiny 2 Season 14, along with a World’s First raid.

Konstantina Antoniadou
3 min readMar 6, 2021


The classic Vault of Glass became available in Destiny 1 as one of the four raids in the game. Based on Bungie’s recent blog post a modernized version of the first Vault of Glass Raid will be available for all players in Season 14, which is scheduled to begin on May 12, the day after the finale of the current season, Season of the Chosen.

It’s safe to say that all veteran and new players are eager to explore the upgraded version of Vault of Glass, Destiny 2’s first raid. But, it won’t come alone, it’s will be accompanied by a day-long Contest Mode that focuses on limiting the Power Levels of the fireteams that attempt to complete it.

The Fire Team will win the Destiny title belt, some more freebies, and an official signed congratulation card from Bungie.

Since most long-term players are already too familiar with the mechanics of the raids, the new version comes jam-packed with even more challenges for players to complete in order to obtain the title of “World’s First”. No worries, all players who manage to complete these challenges after the race will still be able to grab real-life loot.

Bungie additionally mentioned that later on a Master version of the raid will reward all winners with pieces of Adept loot, elevated versions of the regular gear. These challenges will most luckily not be easy since they will also have Champion opponents with higher power levels.

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