Faze Swagg Makes Fun Of Michael B. Jordan’s Secondary Weapon Choice In Warzone

Konstantina Antoniadou
2 min readDec 4, 2021

The award-winning actor Michael B. Jordan shared his Warzone loadout during a stream with FaZe Clan’s Swagg. The Warzone top streamer could not help but make fun of the actor’s unique loadout preference.

Michael B. Jordan is definitely a household name in the entertainment industry. He has won and been nominated for a plethora of awards including People’s magazine “Sexiest Man Alive” and Time’s nomination in the “most influential people in the word” list. However, despite the actor’s ability to lead his voice to multiple characters in video games, his favorite Call of Duty: Warzone loadout choice was not as well-received as expected.

Swagg, a prominent member of the FaZe Clan, is one of the top streamers with over 2.29 million subscribers on YouTube, but as soon as they realized that Jordan was running the AN-94 and PILA in Verdansk, he couldn’t help but share his opinion.

On May 1 MBJ and Swagg jumped on a live stream to talk about various gaming topics with MBJ seemingly promoting his new movie on Amazon, Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, which aired on April 30. The conversation quickly turned to Warzone, with Swagg asking the popular actor about his favorite loadout. Turns out that it wasn’t the best idea, as one of Warzone’s top streamers thought his loadout was hilarious.

Michael B. Jordan mentioned that he recently won a game with his favorite weapon loadout: AN-94 and PILA. Swagg laughs at this, calling his loadout ‘guppy.’ His opinion on this unique loadout was more than evident judging by the several levels of his emotional reactions including expressions of denial, and straight-up laughter.

“It’s the joy you get from blowing up a helicopter, you know what I’m saying?” It’s the satisfaction you get from shooting it down.” he mentioned. Even though an AN-94 is not exactly an uncommon option, Swagg found MBJ’s secondary weapon option to be extremely amusing. Let’s just say that PILA, a rocket launcher, is not a well-received weapon amongst the Call of Duty community.

The award-winning actor was quick to defend with a loadout of choice by explaining that “It’s the thrill of blowing up a helicopter… It’s the satisfaction you get from shooting it down.”

Swagg took the time to explain to the actor what was the real problem with his loadout “Look, man, in the Warzone culture, we look down on people who rock the launchers, man.” We really don’t get along with them, man.”

Turns out that the popular streamer truly found Jordan’s loadout extremely amusing as he there proceeded to test it out in some of his next streams.

Originally published on TopWarzonePlays, written by Konstantina Antoniadou -freelance gaming news writer.